Life During COVID

Women share life experiences during COVID

In the Life During COVID study, sixty mothers with school age children shared what life was like for them and their children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants completed mobile phone surveys every three days between February 2021 and September 2022.

Surveys assessed participants’ daily needs, health, employment, children and schooling, and concerns about COVID-19.

Thousands of surveys completed

  • 7,637 out of 9,477 mobile surveys were completed
  • Participants completed 130 surveys on average
  • Some participants completed up to 190 surveys 
  • Participants were paid $7 for each survey completed 

About participants

  • On average, women were about 37 years old
  • Most (69%) had two or more children living at home
  • 61% reported good, very good, or excellent health

Employment and income

  • Over half (59%) were essential workers 
  • 78% reported decreased household income during the pandemic 
  • 77% of workers reported decreased work hours during the pandemic  

Children and schooling 

  • All mothers had school age children
    • 14% had kids in preschool or daycare 
    • 64% had kids in elementary school 
    • 39% had kids in middle school 
    • 47% had kids in high school 
  • All mothers had children in remote schooling during the pandemic 

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