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Tetanus shots are essential for storm cleanup

Cleaning up after wind damage or flooding from spring storms can increase a person’s risk of exposure to tetanus. Moving storm debris like trees, wood or carpeting can result in scrapes, cuts and puncture wounds. If dust, dirt, soil or flood water comes in contact with broken skin, tetanus spores and other contaminants can enter […]

Climate scientists: tick and mosquito diseases likely to rise

Tick and mosquito season is upon us, and scientists predict that changes in climate could make future seasons worse. Many adults reported hearing about it last week.   Who is hearing about tick and mosquito diseases?  Of 515 adults surveyed in MO, NE, CO, MD, and TX, 31% reported hearing in the last 7 days that tick- and mosquito-borne diseases were […]

Consumer confidence after bird flu fragments found in milk

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that fragments of inactive bird flu virus were found in some pasteurized milk sold in grocery stores. Less than 5 days later, 37% of adults surveyed in CO, MD, MO and NE had heard the news.   In the sample of 506 adults, 64% reported that they […]