Bird Flu

What should I know about bird flu? Suggested Caption: The bird flu virus is spreading among birds and cattle in the U.S. The risk for the general public is low; those in close contact with infected birds or cows should take precautions.  #iHeardSTL #BirdFlu  Should I be worried about getting bird flu? Suggested Caption: The […]

National Blood Shortage

Did you know? Suggested Caption: According to the Red Cross, the number of people donating blood is the lowest it has been in 20 years. Visit or call 1-800-733-2767 to find your local blood donation center and make an appointment. #iHeardSTL #RedCross #GiveBlood Donar sangre puede ayudar a salvar la vida de una persona. […]

Food Safety – Cantaloupes

Are these in your home? Don’t eat them! Suggested Caption: The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating a Salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupes and urging consumers to avoid eating certain recalled cantaloupe products, including some fruit cups. Make sure you check your cantaloupe products before eating! #iHeardSTL #FDA #SalmonellaOutbreak #FoodSafety ¿Los tiene en […]


Are mammograms necessary for women over 40? Suggested Caption: An online influencer posted a Spanish-language video on Facebook with a false claim that mammograms are not necessary for women over 40, viewed over 500,000 times before it was removed. Overall, 1 in 8 panelists from three states (13%) heard this false claim. Hispanic respondents were […]

FDA Recall – Fruit Pouches

WanaBana & Schnucks recall contaminated fruit pouches Suggested Caption: Parents and caregivers: don’t give your kids apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches! The FDA says they might have too much lead. To learn more about this and other health topics in St. Louis, visit or follow @iHeard_STL. #iHeardSTL #SafetyFirst #RecallAlert  Alerta de retirada del mercado de […]

Vaccine Knowledge

If you hear this…You can say: Suggested Caption: The claim that “if vaccines worked, we wouldn’t have diseases like flu, measles and mumps,” has been circulating as a meme on social media. That claim is NOT true. Vaccines reduce the risk or severity of an illness by training our immune system to fight the illness. […]

COVID-19 Testing

Free at-home COVID tests Suggested Caption: Did you hear? FREE at-home COVID test kits are back! Order your tests from Need help placing an order for your at-home tests? Call 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 1-888-720-7489) To learn more about this and other health topics in St. Louis, visit or follow @iHeard_STL. #iHeardSTL #FreeCOVIDtests #SelfTesting Los kits […]

988: Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Weekly alert: Fewer than 1 in 5 St. Louisans know 988. Suggested Caption: ⚠️ Only 19% of St. Louisans are aware that 988 is the 3-digit Suicide and Crisis Lifeline ⚠️ 31% of iHeard STL’s panel indicated that they knew the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number; however, only 19% correctly identified 988 as the number […]

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Weekly alert: COVID-19 public health emergency expiration Suggested Caption: St. Louis residents are still hearing about the Public Health Emergency ending in May. In mid-February, when this item first appeared on our survey, 43% of STL adults had heard it. Exposure to this information has steadily remained high over these 2+ months. Is there anything […]