Poll: Bird Flu

How do milk drinkers feel about the safety of pasteurized milk? Suggested Caption: Is the U.S. milk supply safe? Yes. On May 1st, FDA announced new test results that confirmed that live (active) bird flu virus does not remain in pasteurized milk, further confirming the safety of the milk supply. Raw milk is not safe […]

UPDATE: Bird Flu

What do we know about bird flu spreading to mammals? Suggested Caption: The FDA and multiple news groups reported that particles of the bird flu virus were found in some cow’s milk samples taken from U.S. grocery stores. FDA and CDC say that based on what we know today, pasteurized milk is safe because the […]

Bird Flu

What should I know about bird flu? Suggested Caption: The bird flu virus is spreading among birds and cattle in the U.S. The risk for the general public is low; those in close contact with infected birds or cows should take precautions.  #iHeardSTL #BirdFlu  Should I be worried about getting bird flu? Suggested Caption: The […]

Weight-loss drugs

Public understanding of weight-loss drugs is low Suggested Caption: It’s okay to have questions about weight-loss medicines. Look to sources like your doctor, Mayo Clinic, and MedlinePlus to learn more. #iHeardSTL #WeightLossDrugs #StayAware #PublicHealthEducation Fake weight-loss drugs Suggested Caption: Only 4% of adults surveyed in MD, MO and NE are confident that they could tell […]

Anticholinergic Drug Use

Worried Benadryl is safe? Suggested Caption: Recent TikTok videos claimed that regularly using Benadryl for sleep increases your risk of dementia; scientists are still learning about this, with several studies finding an increased risk if you take the drug daily for 3+ years. Always use your medication as recommended. #iHeardSTL #Benadryl #AnticholinergicDrugs #STLHealth Allergy medication […]

Listeria Outbreak

Did you know? Suggested Caption: The CDC and FDA are investigating a Listeria outbreak linked to dairy products. Visit the FDA’s website for a complete list of products that are affected, and check your fridge! #iHeardSTL #Listeria #Queso #Cotija #FDA

Product Safety Warning – Tianeptine

Did you know? Suggested Caption: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned against the use of Neptune’s Fix and any other products with tianeptine due to potential danger to consumers. It is not FDA-approved for any medical use but is illegally marketed to improve brain function and treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, and […]

Lead Screening

Concerned about lead exposure? Suggested Caption: St. Louis County is offering walk-in lead screenings at all three clinic locations. Lead screening services are also available to children 6 years of age and under that live in the City of St. Louis: contact your primary care provider or local Federally Qualified Health Center to schedule a […]

EMFs & radiation poisoning

Why do older adults need the RSV vaccine? Suggested Caption: Here’s a quick overview of what to know about claims that say cell phones, Wi-Fi and 5G internet are linked to radiation poisoning. Radiation comes in two types: ionizing and non-ionizing. High doses of ionizing radiation like X-rays may cause cancer, but there’s no evidence […]

Food Safety – Cantaloupes

Are these in your home? Don’t eat them! Suggested Caption: The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating a Salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupes and urging consumers to avoid eating certain recalled cantaloupe products, including some fruit cups. Make sure you check your cantaloupe products before eating! #iHeardSTL #FDA #SalmonellaOutbreak #FoodSafety ¿Los tiene en […]

FDA Recall – Eyedrops

Do you use eyedrops? Suggested Caption: On October 27, the FDA warned consumers to stop using 26 over-the-counter eyedrop products. Anyone using recalled eye products should visit an eye care professional if they have eye infection symptoms such as blurry vision, discharge, pain or discomfort, redness of the eyelid, feeling like there is something in […]

FDA Recall – Fruit Pouches

WanaBana & Schnucks recall contaminated fruit pouches Suggested Caption: Parents and caregivers: don’t give your kids apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches! The FDA says they might have too much lead. To learn more about this and other health topics in St. Louis, visit iHeardSTL.org or follow @iHeard_STL. #iHeardSTL #SafetyFirst #RecallAlert  Alerta de retirada del mercado de […]

Aspartame Sweeteners and Energy Drinks

Weekly alert: Aspartame sweeteners and energy drinks Suggested Caption: iHeard surveyed St. Louisans to learn what they’ve been hearing about two nutritional products – aspartame sweeteners and new energy drinks. 45% have heard that aspartame sweeteners might cause cancer, while 28% were informed about the investigation into potential health risks associated with new energy drinks. […]