COVID requests greatest in CT, IA, MA

When States turn to 211 to provide COVID helpline services, it shows. States partnering with 211s to respond to COVID-19 calls report a larger share of 211 requests are related to COVID-19 information, testing, and vaccination than 211s in other states. We examined 11.2 million phone requests received by 211s in 33 states between March 12, 2020 and April 18, 2021 and compared across states the proportion of requests to 211 that were COVID-19 related. Requests for COVID-19 information, testing, or vaccination were classified as COVID-19 related (dark blue bars in chart below) and all other requests, including requests for food, rent, and utility assistance, were classified as non-COVID-19 related (light blue bars in chart below). States with the greatest proportion of COVID-19 related requests, including CT (51%), IA (50%), MA (48%), ME (40%) and WA (24%), have all partnered with 211 as part of their COVID-19 response. Whether part of an official government response or not, 211s in all states have responded to dramatic increases in requests over the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mouse over each section of the bar chart below to see the number of requests from each state. Data were obtained from 211 Counts, a daily tracking system of community needs used by 211s in 38 states. 

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