Surgeon General advisories

The Surgeon General advisory Suggested Caption: 🚨 Did you know? The U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has declared gun violence a national health crisis and is pushing for warning labels on social media platforms. Let’s spread awareness! #iHeardSTL #PublicHealth #SocialMedia #GunViolence #StayInformed #SurgeonGeneral 8 ways to reduce gun violence Suggested Caption: #DidYouKnow the U.S. […]

Product Safety Warning – Tianeptine

Did you know? Suggested Caption: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned against the use of Neptune’s Fix and any other products with tianeptine due to potential danger to consumers. It is not FDA-approved for any medical use but is illegally marketed to improve brain function and treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, and […]

Maternal & Child Health

Weekly alert: Postpartum depression Suggested Caption: Following the FDA approval of the first postpartum depression pill on August 4, iHeard asked St. Louisans if they had heard about the approval. Almost three in ten (29%) said “yes.” Postpartum depression is a medical condition where a woman feels sad, anxious, and tired after giving birth. It […]

Youth Mental Health

Weekly alert: Let’s help protect mental health Suggested Caption: iHeard asked panel members were hearing about the reason for declining teen mental health. The most cited was social media use (53%), followed by social and cultural division in the U.S. (12%) and gender and sexual identity (8%). The coronavirus pandemic (5%), school shootings (4%), and […]

Top Health Concerns in St. Louis

Weekly alert: Top health concern in St. Louis is gun violence Suggested Caption: iHeard asked St. Louis adults what they considered the biggest and second biggest health problem facing St. Louis. By a landslide margin, most people named gun violence the area’s biggest health problem. Other notable problems include mental health, healthcare access and cost, […]

Social Media and Youth Mental Health

Weekly alert: Social media and youth mental health Suggested Caption: In a recent advisory, the U.S. Surgeon General cautioned about the potential risks of harm social media can have on children and adolescents’ mental and physical health. iHeard asked St. Louis adults what they think about social media and youth: 📊 Nearly half (46%) of […]

988: Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Weekly alert: Fewer than 1 in 5 St. Louisans know 988. Suggested Caption: ⚠️ Only 19% of St. Louisans are aware that 988 is the 3-digit Suicide and Crisis Lifeline ⚠️ 31% of iHeard STL’s panel indicated that they knew the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number; however, only 19% correctly identified 988 as the number […]