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Listeria Outbreak? Most St. Louis adults haven’t heard about it

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reopened an investigation into a Listeria outbreak after new illnesses were reported in December 2023. In last week’s iHeard survey only 19% of St. Louis adults had heard that “A Listeria outbreak was linked to dairy products.”  

Those under age 50 were less likely to have heard about it than those 50+ (11% vs 39%), as were men compared to women (13% vs 22%). 

Twenty-six Listeria cases have been confirmed so far in seven states. Although no cases have been confirmed in St. Louis, some of the recalled products are sold locally. For example, Taylor Fresh Foods recalled its Marketside Bacon Ranch Crunch Chopped Salad kits, which are sold at Walmart stores in Missouri. A complete list of recalled items can be found here

Listeria is a type of bacteria that causes fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea and can also lead to death in severe cases. However, symptoms of Listeria don’t start for 2-10 weeks after exposure. It is especially dangerous for people who are pregnant, over age 65, or immunocompromised. These people are more likely to develop a condition known as invasive listeriosis, in which Listeria spreads outside the gut to other parts of the body.  

Community organizations in St. Louis can share the resource materials below to help residents avoid eating contaminated foods.  

This week’s report is based on 151 responses from a panel of adult residents of St. Louis City and County surveyed from Saturday, February 10, to Monday, February 12, 2024. Explore these data and more at iHeardSTL.

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The CDC and FDA are investigating a Listeria outbreak linked to dairy products. Visit the FDA’s website for a complete list of products that are affected, and check your fridge!

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