Victoria Anders

Masters Research Fellow

Victoria (she/her/hers) is an MPH/MSP dual-degree student (May 2025) and works with the iHeard St Louis/P3 project tackling misinformation about COVID-19 and other current public health issues. Victoria’s responsibilities include supporting data analysis from weekly community misinformation surveys and developing literature-based response content and dissemination strategies to the instances of misinformation. She also performs administrative tasks and assists with data preparation for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Victoria’s primary area of study and interest is the application of health communication methodologies in the public policy design and dissemination process, especially concerning community-led and -designed policy. She has professional and research experience with HPV and other adolescent vaccination, sexual health education, global nutrition, and healthcare systems serving immigrant and non-English-dominant. She is passionate about dissemination and communication around policies tackling politically contentious issues.

Victoria enjoys visiting coffee shops throughout STL neighborhoods, cooking veggie-based meals, and watercolor painting.