Survivor stories

Completed 2020

Do survivor stories, as told by African-American breast cancer survivors, affect key aspects of quality of life and/or adherence to recommended surveillance mammography and prescribed endocrine therapy in newly diagnosed African-American women with breast cancer? 
Disparities in incidence and mortality between African Americans and Caucasians for a number of cancers have been well documented. We believe that breast cancer patients can draw support from different sources, including other women who have survived breast cancer. In a randomized trial, we are testing an innovative cancer communication strategy. We created a searchable library of almost 300 short, videotaped stories told by local African-American breast cancer survivors. Study participants access these stories using a video player. Topics in the survivor stories include coping with a breast cancer diagnosis, health-care experiences, social support, follow-up care, and quality of life. 
We will examined whether the survivor stories affect the quality of life and patients’ adherence to recommended treatment guidelines and follow-up care. 
Our study is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Brown School and Washington University’s School of Medicine. ​​