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Is a basic needs navigation intervention effective and cost effective in producing positive health outcomes for individuals with Type 2 diabetes versus others getting usual care?


Type 2 diabetes affects over 29 million US adults. This study partners with Louisiana Health Care Connections, the largest provider of Medicaid managed health care plans in Louisiana. This partnership will give the research team access to individuals who are dealing with Type 2 diabetes and demonstrate need.


Living with diabetes involves daily self-management of activities and eating to lessen the effects of the disease. Proactive daily care has significant positive health outcomes such as lessening the burden of the disease, mortality, and other health disparities. Low-income individuals face different challenges in managing their diabetes, and having unmet basic needs makes it very difficult for them to focus on their health. Help with unmet basic needs over a period of time may increase positive health outcomes.


Louisiana Health Care Connections has the knowledge and capability to connect participants with the community resources through basic needs intervention.  Medicaid serves a portion of the population that has many needs outside of health care that require other resources. This partnership will allow greater access to resources for those individuals.