1.65 million requests

May 19, 2020

2-1-1s in two states (NJ, FL) have now received over a quarter million requests each since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and requests for assistance have topped 50,000 in 10 other states. New Jersey has not only received the most requests, but also has the highest rate of 2-1-1 requests per 100,000 population. Connecticut, Ohio*, Maine, Delaware and Iowa follow with the next highest rates. We analyzed 2-1-1s serving all or parts of 29 states that report daily requests to a tracking system. In all, 1.65 million post-COVID requests have been received by these 2-1-1s between March 12 and May 17, 2020. Total requests (top chart) included all types of service requests. Rate of requests per 100,000 population (bottom chart) is determined by dividing total requests by 2018 adult population from the American Community Survey (U.S. Census) and multiplying by 100,000. Mouse over each bar to see the number of requests, population, and rates. States marked with an asterisk (*) include 2-1-1 data from selected counties only; rates for these states are based on the adult population from the county, not the state.

Contributors: Rachel Garg, Balaji Golla, Irum Javed, Matthew Kreuter