Summer EBT

Have you heard of SUN Bucks? Suggested Caption: Help spread the word about the SUN Bucks program! 🌞 SUN Bucks will help Missouri kids get nutritious meals. Visit the USDA 🌐 or call 📞 855-373-4636 for details. #iHeardSTL #STL #SUNBucks #SummerNutrition

Walgreens Pharmacy in Jeff-Vander-Lou closing

How do I change my pharmacy? Suggested Caption: Want to change your pharmacy? It’s easy! Make sure to have info about your medications and insurance with you. Get in touch with your healthcare provider and pharmacy if you have any questions. #iHeardSTL #STL #Pharmacy Where is a nearby pharmacy? Suggested Caption: The Walgreens store in […]

Weight-loss drugs

Public understanding of weight-loss drugs is low Suggested Caption: It’s okay to have questions about weight-loss medicines. Look to sources like your doctor, Mayo Clinic, and MedlinePlus to learn more. #iHeardSTL #WeightLossDrugs #StayAware #PublicHealthEducation Fake weight-loss drugs Suggested Caption: Only 4% of adults surveyed in MD, MO and NE are confident that they could tell […]

FDA Recall – Fruit Pouches

WanaBana & Schnucks recall contaminated fruit pouches Suggested Caption: Parents and caregivers: don’t give your kids apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches! The FDA says they might have too much lead. To learn more about this and other health topics in St. Louis, visit or follow @iHeard_STL. #iHeardSTL #SafetyFirst #RecallAlert  Alerta de retirada del mercado de […]

Aspartame Sweeteners and Energy Drinks

Weekly alert: Aspartame sweeteners and energy drinks Suggested Caption: iHeard surveyed St. Louisans to learn what they’ve been hearing about two nutritional products – aspartame sweeteners and new energy drinks. 45% have heard that aspartame sweeteners might cause cancer, while 28% were informed about the investigation into potential health risks associated with new energy drinks. […]

Nutrition fads

Detoxes, diets and cleanses – OH MY! Suggested Caption: This National Nutrition Month, let’s get rid of the trendy and stick to what works – and that’s different for every/body. Click through for thoughts on nutrition trends and how to spot them on your social media feed. To learn what our community is hearing, follow […]