Summer EBT

Have you heard of SUN Bucks? Suggested Caption: Help spread the word about the SUN Bucks program! 🌞 SUN Bucks will help Missouri kids get nutritious meals. Visit the USDA 🌐 or call 📞 855-373-4636 for details. #iHeardSTL #STL #SUNBucks #SummerNutrition

COVID Vaccines & Young Athletes

Weekly alert: Are COVID vaccines safe for young athletes? Suggested Caption: Although only a few (9%) of surveyed STL adults have heard COVID-19 vaccines cause heart problems among young athletes, two-thirds (67%) of those who heard it believed it. Multiple scientific studies have found no evidence of an increased risk of cardiac arrest after COVID […]

Youth Mental Health

Weekly alert: Let’s help protect mental health Suggested Caption: iHeard asked panel members were hearing about the reason for declining teen mental health. The most cited was social media use (53%), followed by social and cultural division in the U.S. (12%) and gender and sexual identity (8%). The coronavirus pandemic (5%), school shootings (4%), and […]

Youth Safe Spaces

Weekly alert: Organizations expand access to safe spaces for young people Suggested Caption: At least 3 out of 10 (31%) surveyed St. Louis adults have heard that more organizations are expanding access to safe places for young people in St. Louis. Older people (40+ years) are more likely to have heard this information than younger […]

Social Media and Youth Mental Health

Weekly alert: Social media and youth mental health Suggested Caption: In a recent advisory, the U.S. Surgeon General cautioned about the potential risks of harm social media can have on children and adolescents’ mental and physical health. iHeard asked St. Louis adults what they think about social media and youth: 📊 Nearly half (46%) of […]

Youth Tobacco Use

Weekly alert: 78% of St. Louisans believe protecting children’s health should come before business. Suggested Caption: According to our survey, nearly 8 in 10 (78%) St. Louisans believe protecting children’s health should come before business. On May 16, St. Louis County Council’s reversed a rule prohibiting tobacco sales within 1000 feet of school property. St. […]