Enguday Teshome, MPH

Project Coordinator

Enguday Teshome has a Master’s degree in Public Health from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to coming to St. louis, Enguday earned her undergraduate degree in public health and a Master of science degree in Integrated Emergency Surgery and Obstetrics, from Hawassa and Gondar Universities in Ethiopia respectively. She mainly worked in setups that help to improve maternal and child health and prevention of infectious diseases. She plans to integrate her experience and knowledge and contribute her part in research fields that focus on evidence based interventions in health care and address health disparities among communities.

As a project manager at the HCRL, she oversees the intervention implementation areas of Smoke free homes project, coordinating the team’s function to run the project with in the protocols and standards of the study. On the other hand, she also helps out with projects and activities that are being done in partnership with Centene.