Completed 2009

Can we use telephone-equipped kiosks to identify women in need of breast cancer screening and connect them with local mammography services?
We have developed a touch-screen interactive computer kiosk that asks questions about breast cancer and mammograms and uses respondents’ answers to create, print and deliver a tailored magazine on the spot. Our previous research of 12,000+ kiosk users in St. Louis showed that laundromats and public libraries not only reached the largest numbers of women but also the greatest proportion of unscreened and under-screened women.
Enhanced kiosks equipped with telephones and wireless technology enable women to simply pick up the phone and be instantly connected to local mammography providers. This approach integrates three evidence-based practices for promoting breast cancer screening — computer kiosks, tailored communication, and referral to mammography – in an innovative, technology-driven approach that could help eliminate disparities.
We are now partnering with local Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (BCCCP) providers in the St. Louis area to evaluate the feasibility of the telephone kiosk approach. Telephone-equipped kiosks placed in public libraries and laundromats will identify unscreened and under-screened women and connect them with local BCCCP providers, who can then schedule appointments, provide reminders and offer transportation services to women they might otherwise miss.