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Mission and Vision

The Health Communication Research Laboratory (HCRL) at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis seeks to eliminate health disparities by increasing the reach and effectiveness of health information to low-income and minority populations.​​

The HCRL’s innovative and community-based research:

  • Finds new ways to reach disadvantaged populations affected most by health disparities.
  • Develops and delivers effective health interventions designed specifically for these populations.
  • Uses technology and partnerships to connect people to health services in their community.

A few of the innovative products developed by the HCRL:

  • Neighborhood Voice – A research laboratory on wheels, taking HCRL projects directly to those in high-risk neighborhoods.
  • CommunicationWorks – Providing formative research, message development, and communication-materials development for community partners in public health, social services, and medicine
  • True Colors – The HCRL stock-photography service offers hundreds of professional photos of African Americans in family and community settings. Researchers and non-profit organizations may use True Colors free of charge

Our work has helped advance the science of health communication and led to the development of programs, products, and services now in use in real-world, non-research settings. The HCRL is committed to sharing the programs and products it develops, building community partnerships, and developing a diverse public-health workforce. 
     The HCRL is one of five Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research in the United States, as designated and awarded by the National Cancer Institute.​

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